Peter Hoennemann, born in Hamburg, started out his career in Paris where he became successful in fashion photography at a very young age. Shortly after arriving in the fashion capital, he secured Valentino and Dior campaigns.He lived and worked in Paris as well in New York until 1999, before deciding to make his home between Hamburg and Paris. He has continuously expanded and grown artistically, focussing more on portraiture since the late Nineties. In portraits, he combines his experience with a never-ending curiosity in people and eager interest in the creative process. Portraiture work for him naturally led him to art photography and, consequently, crossover work that combines fashion, art and portrait. It is this bridging of disciplines that fascinates him most. He has shot celebrities such as Willem Dafoe, Carla Bruni, John Hurt, Christoph Waltz, Mikhail Gorbatshov, Bill Gates and the Dalai Lama, who said of Peter that he was able “to capture the beauty of a soul and translate it into poetic pictures.“ His portraits are published internationally in magazines such as Vanity Fair, VOGUE, GQ, Stern, Zeit Magazin etc. Advertising clients include companies such as American Express, Air France, Deutsche Bank, Sony or Vichy.


1999 photography book: Hönnemann Photographs
2007 photography book: 24h: Peter Hönnemann is shooting
Jonathan Meese

Distinctions and awards:

1995 individual exhibit – Grauwert-Photogalerie, Hamburg
1995 group exhibit – “Deutschland erotisch,”
Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (Museum of Arts and Crafts), Hamburg
1995 group exhibit – “Bildermode – Modebilder,”
Deutsche Modephotographien Fashion Pictures,
German Fashion Photographs 1945-1999), Kunstbibliothek,
Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (Art Museum, National Museums Berlin)
1999 group exhibit – “Professionelle Photographie,”
Walter Storms Galerie, Munich
1999 Kodak Photography Book Prize for Hoennemann Photographs
2000 group exhibit – “Erotische Photographie,”
Kamera- und Photomuseum, Leipzig
2001 individual exhibit – “Am Rande der Stille”
(At the Edge of Silence),Kamera- und Photomuseum, Leipzig
2002 group exhibit – “Thai-Cong—My Parents,”
2002 Award in Gold in BFF-Jahrbuch (Yearbook of the German
Association of Freelance Photographers)
Triennale der Photographie – Kunsthaus, Hamburg
2005 individual exhibit – “Fragile”,
Photography Monika Mohr Galerie, Hamburg
2006 individual exhibit – “Bilder”,
Anna Augstein Fine Art Gallery, Hamburg
2007/2008 individual exhibit – “24h – Peter Hoennemann fotografiert
Jonathan Meese”- Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg
2009 group exhibit – “Homage an Irving Penn”, Galerie Hiltawsky, Berlin
2009 group exhibit – “Berlin Now”, Camera Work, Berlin
2010 individual exhibit – “Deformer“, Hamburg
2010 individual exhibit – “Konnexion“, Hamburg
2010 group exhibit “Zeitgeist Becomes Form: German Fashion Photography” – Australian Centre for Photography, Sidney
2012 group exhibit – Fotografias de moda alemanas de 1945 a 1995”, Galeria do Torreao Nascente da Cordoaria Nacional, Lissabon
2013 group exhibit – “LYX”, Paris
2015 group exhibit – “Nudity”, Raum LINKSRECHTS, Hamburg
2016 group exhibit – “Anfangen Pt.2”, Elektrohaus, Hamburg
2017 individual exhibit- “Misbehave beautifully” Jonathan Johnson Gallery Hamburg
2020 group exhibit – “FSK 18” Evelyn Drewes, Hamburg